Smart Access Anywhere (SAA)

Smart Access Anywhere (SAA)

Secure, remote access to field engineer equipment - UI, configs, work, results and data

A solution that enables centralised support, on-demand test and live results analysis to support and coach technicians in the field – improving first-time install/activation rates while reducing repeats and minimising time on-site.

Supporting techs in the field is a key element to improving many aspects of your business operations.

The challenge has always been: how to do this securely, in real-time, faster, and “right the first time.”  Doing so helps avoid costly site revisits due to incomplete certification/testing. This applies equally to new techs who are learning and gaining experience as well as experienced techs who come up against those tougher, more complex tasks.

Smart Access Anywhere (SAA) allows secure, remote assistance for field engineers directly on their instrument from a product or technical specialist in another location, including a central office or even another job site.

With Smart Access Anywhere (SAA) users can:

  • Maximise experts’ time to remotely coach less experienced personnel in the field
  • Remotely control instruments minimizing time spent inside customer premises
  • Access remote instruments without driving out to their location

Using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, an instrument can be remotely controlled in order to verify correct instrument/test configuration and to launch, view and analyse results in real-time.

Remote support can be made as soon as an instrument is connected to an IP network or the Internet, which can be via Ethernet, WiFi or mobile hotspot.

Secure SSH tunneling removes issues with IT security and opening ports on firewalls, while avoiding any reliance on 3rd party software (which may not be 100% vetted/approved by IT departments).

For remote operation locally at the same site, some instruments can establish their own WiFi hotspots and be used remotely without requiring an Internet connection.

There is also machine-to-machine support that allows one instrument to remotely control another – useful in case your expert is also out in the field when support is needed.

SAA can help your techs learn on the job through remote coaching, reduced repeats and improved first-time activation rates.

Note: machine-to-machine and Android/iOS app only available on some VIAVI platforms


  • Prevent repeat truck rolls and reduce OpEx
  • Ramp up new techs faster, reducing training costs
  • Ensure consistent instrument configuration and uniform test results
  • Analyse test results remotely to resolve issues on the first visit
  • Centralise your specialists to maximise field support coverage
  • Access instruments from anywhere in the world


  • Tech support in the field, securely and in real-time
  • Instrument remote control for:
    • SmartOTDR, T-BERD/MTS-2000/-4000/-5800/-6000A/-8000, OneExpert (ONX), OneAdvisor (ONA), SmartClass 4800, CellAdvisor 5G
  • On-demand remote test
  • Machine-to-machine support – using one instrument to control another

Key Features

  • Remote view and control of instrument user interface
  • Instrument and test config verification
  • Live test results – report and review
  • File/report transfer
  • Secure instrument connection via Ethernet, WiFi or Mobile hotspot
  • Laptop, Android and iOS device support


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