Our values

Telenco UK is a company with a strong identity. Part of Telenco Group, we genuinely share the same values that have built our reputation of an industry-leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-end telecom and datacom solutions. Despite the brisk evolution of our business and the fast pace at which the telecommunications market turns, we have always managed to keep up unscathed our commitment towards the values that guide our business:



At Telenco UK, we put customer satisfaction at the core of our actions. To achieve this valuable goal, we start by listening carefully to our customers' requirements and needs. We mobilise all our internal telecommunication experts as well as our external partners to provide our customers with a comprehensive catalogue of solutions so to meet their needs in a targeted manner. In addition to responding to our customers' requirements, we also have the technical expertise and the availability to offer advice on how to choose the right hardware for your FTTP/ FTTA or datacom deployment project.

Telenco UK also has the ambition to rigorously meet the field issues with which our customers are confronted. This is why we make every effort and we activate our internal and external resources to keep on developing innovative equipment, able to guarantee superior performances while integrated into different fibre optic network configurations. Through all of our actions, we aim to build long-term relationships with our customers, based on trust and respect, making thus a positive difference in our customers’ lives.


At Telenco UK, we put our individual skills in joint projects focused on how to best meet the customer challenges and needs. As part of the Telenco Group, we work together across boundaries to ensure that our customers succeed in their roll-out projects and ultimately, we become the best possible partner for their business. To provide appropriate solutions to field challenges, we do not hesitate to leverage all of our in-house skills and fields of expertise such as plastics, mechanics, design, optics, metallurgy and many more, in order to always develop innovative and reliable fibre optic connectivity solutions. Our staff is brought together by a common goal: seeking continuous improvement.

More than just another business success story, Telenco is an incredible human adventure. At Telenco, men and women share the same taste for innovation, as well as for festive and sporting events. We inspire from sports that are dear to us such as rugby to put into practice values such as team spirit and sharing.



We understand being a responsible company by listening and responding to the precise needs of our customers. We care to treat all of our partners equally and to create a work environment fostering creativity, personal development and innovation. The Group to which we are part values and encourages social diversity, cultural and ethnic mix, which constitutes the Telenco Group’s wealth. Telenco has established its own code of ethical conduct as well as its own ecological charter. Telenco’s employees and managers are willingly committed to respect the principles set out in these two internal documents. Telenco’s Code of Ethical Conduct includes provisions on how to preserve the health of co-workers through ensuring the safety of each individual, ensure a climate of respect for all wo-workers, as well as for their data and privacy. Through this internal official document, Telenco commits on running a business that fights all forms of corruption or fraud. The ecological charter of our Group sets out common sense rules aiming to reduce at most the ecological footprint of the company and adopt eco-friendly behaviours. To that purpose, Telenco sorts and recycles waste and makes a reasonable use of paper. At Telenco we apply eco-design principles for developing our connectivity solutions and encourage “green” transport options.