Our social & environnemental commitment

The TEL’ECO charter: our environmental approach

We have chosen to build on the long-term by showing respect to the Human and the planet. For that reason, Telenco distribution - part of the Telenco group - has created its own environmental charter: Tel’eco. Through this charter we commit on a daily basis to adopt simple gestures that reflect our ecological approach:

  • Sort and recycle everyday waste (paper, cardboard, packaging, coffee pads...) at our workplace.
  • Consume with moderation the available material by reducing, for example, our printing or by developing the digital archiving.
  • Adapt heating or air conditioning and limit our electricity and water consumption.
  • Adopt alternative mobility and cut off transport-related greenhouse gas emissions

Choose distant meetings rather than car travels


A more ethical policy for quality products 



In all our actions, we pay a particular attention to the environmental and the human factor. To meet European quality and safety expectations, we supply only equipment compliant with CE marking requirements.  Furthermore, some chemicals may represent a danger to human health. To provide you with safety and hazard-free products, we control the compliance of our products with the REACH regulation. This rule lists all the substances of concern. 

Also, by adhering to the American Dodd Franck law, we carefully check the origin of the used metals for the composition of our products or those of our suppliers. We, therefore, refuse all metals related to exploited people work and particularly to child labor. 

An authentic social commitment

Philippe Sella devoted his entire life to rugby. The famous former player of France’s national rugby team wanted to share his passion for sport and convictions by laying the foundations of an association dedicated to disadvantaged children:  “Les Enfants de l’Ovale”. Within its 13 active sites (France, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Mali) a core of 100 voluntary educators provide children care for 1400 souls. Their objective is to integrate these children into practical action programs: adaptation of game learning methods, medical monitoring and nutrition, school support, socio-educational activities.

Telenco distribution – as part of the Telenco group-, brings its support to “Les Enfants de l’Ovale” association through various actions and events organized all through the year. These actions’ aim is to collect funds and to promote the association. It’s also in this spirit that Telenco has chosen to support the Endowment Fund of FCG ( Football Club of Grenoble Rugby ) called “FCG in my hometown”. This fund is dedicated to children who attend schools within Grenoble territory, and most precisely to those in areas knows as “sensitive”. Actions from this programme are mainly  concentrated on the education through the transmission of rugby values. These values are daily applied thanks to the implementation of an educational and sports cycle. The aim of this learning programme is to mentor and support children both during school activities and extra-curricular activities.  To learn more about Telenco’s supporting actions in favour of “Les Enfants de l’Ovale” association, “the FCG in my hometown”, or other local sports associations, click here

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ECOVADIS : a global CSR performance assessment

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To improve its performance in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, Telenco has chosen to be assessed by EcoVadis – an expert company in the rating of ethical, social and environmental performances. EcoVadis assesses companies in more than 150 segments all around the world. With a Gold and a Silver rating level for Telenco networks, respectively for Telenco distribution, the Telenco is for the second year in a row, one of the best rated groups by EcoVadis. We are part of a very restrictive circle that represents 30% of all participating companies.