Our products

Telenco UK offers a full catalogue of future-proof solutions for the roll-out of FTTP, FTTA and datacom networks. As an approved Openreach provider, the company develops passive network equipment in accordance with PIA’s requirements. The expert engineering office of Telenco UK designs wide ranges of overhead cable installation solutions, cabling systems and fibre optic boxes meeting the needs of each network configuration. The company also relies on a network of well-reputed distributors to provide telecom players with a large selection of equipment for field engineers and specific professional tools. Thanks to its double role of manufacturer and distributor, Telenco UK brings all the necessary equipment for the roll-out and maintenance of fibre optic or copper networks.

Telenco UK’s catalogue is constantly broadened with new and innovative ranges of product solutions so to always meet the evolutions of the telecommunications sector or to simply follow the field practices. Our engineers and telecom experts are inspired from the day-to-day work life of network installers and telecom engineers to develop the most adapted solutions to their needs.

Our ranges of passive network equipment have been tested and installed in over 70 countries around the world. They are the result of extensive work that our teams have been carried throughout the years at the side of various telecom players. Out of this industry and field expertise, we are able to put forward a relevant offer of equipment for field engineers, developed for enhancing their comfort and effectiveness on site.


Anchoring & Suspension

Telenco UK brings innovative, worldwide reputed cable dead-ending and suspension solutions. For more than two decades, Telenco® cable clamps and helical dead-ends have been installed and proved their relevance in over 70 countries across the world. Driven by our extended expertise, we constantly enlarge our ranges with specific products. Such is the case for the Hypocut® cable clamp, especially developed for the British market.

Anchoring and suspension
Pole line hardware 

Pole line hardware

We provide a large choice of pole line solutions such as the Ring Drop Pole Head enabling the installation of multidirectional drops on a wooden pole. Telenco® cross-arms, pole brackets, anchor plates or fittings are engineered to make the most out of the overhead roll-out, notably to meet the challenges of network densification and overlapping. All products marketed under the Telenco® brand stand for quality, ruggedness and reliability.



For supporting the development of 5G networks, Telenco UK also offers FTTA solutions. Driven by its expertise in telecom infrastructures, the company provides rugged and reliable fibre optic cabling systems and associated products for the substitution of old coaxial-based systems. Our FTTA cables and connectivity solutions are developed to offer high performances and provide an optimal capacity to cell towers.



Under the Eline® brand, Telenco UK offers a wide range of FTTP outdoor and indoor access terminal boxes. Engineered for meeting the challenges of fibre optic roll-outs in MDUs or SDUs, recent or old dwellings, in low-density or high-density areas, Eline® optical boxes are available in pre-wired, pre-terminated, bare or for fusion splicing versions. All Eline® products are designed as scalable, easy to install and to use solutions.


Telenco UK offers first-class fibre optic cabling systems developed and manufactured in its own production units. Under the Droptic® brand, the company brings outdoor, indoor or outdoor-indoor drop cables. Built with first-choice materials, Droptic® cables contain new generation bend-insensitive fibre optics. Available in various different cable constructions for aerial, facade, underground or indoor applications. Compliant with IEC standards.


We provide a global datacom offer including connectivity solutions for Meet-Me-Rooms, optical distribution or rack cabinets at the customer site. In our catalogue you will find reliable pre-terminated cabling solutions such as secure patchcords, singlemode or multimode high-density trunks or pigtails. Telenco UK also offers modular patching systems such as ready-to-use sliding patch panels with intuitive design and ergonomics.



Telenco UK cares to support telecom installers in the deployment of next generation networks by equipping them with all the necessary and protective items. In our catalogue you will find solutions for enhancing the visibility on construction sites, PPE ensuring the safety of network engineers from head to toes, as well as a wide range of specific tools enabling professionals to perform fast and reliable fibre optic roll-outs.

PPE & Safety equipment

At Telenco UK we put safety above all. That is why we offer a large range of worksite visibility solutions and high-visibility garments ensuring the protection of your field teams in any working conditions. From worksite tents to fall arrest systems, the company provides it all.


Pulling & Rodding

We offer innovative duct rodder solutions developed to facilitate at most cable pulling interventions. With a single cage frame, easy and safe to handle, telecom installers can replace the contained fibreglass reel as soon as they need a different duct rod diameter or length.

pulling et rodding


By closely following the daily life of field engineers, we are aware that being properly equipped at all times is a way to ensure successful interventions. For this reason, we carefully select professional hand and power tools, as well as fully equipped workcases.



To help you ensure reliable and future-proof infrastructures, we provide innovative test and measuring equipment for fibre optic, copper or power networks, as well as test equipment for transmission, local loop or radio frequency. All our solutions provide accurate network performance metrics.



Telenco UK ensures the distribution of all the needed consumables for carrying out deployment or maintenance works. In our catalogue you will find product solutions for the preservation of health and hygiene on site, identification and labelling, fastening and fixing, FO decontamination, but also many more.