Choosing the Correct Fibre Blowing Machine!

Choosing the Correct Fibre Blowing Machine!

A guide to choosing the correct CBS fibre-blowing machine


Selecting the appropriate fibre-blowing machine is crucial for ensuring the successful installation of fibre-optic cables. With the wide range of options available, choosing the right fibre-blowing machine requires careful consideration of various factors.

Understanding Your Requirements :

Before diving into the selection process, it's essential to understand your specific requirements and project objectives. Consider factors such as the length and type of fibre optic cables, the terrain and environment of the installation site, and the desired installation speed and efficiency.

Blowing Force :

The blowing force of a fibre-blowing machine determines its ability to propel fibre optic cables through ducts or microducts. Higher-blowing force machines are suitable for longer cable runs or installations in challenging environments. Assess your project's requirements to determine the optimal blowing force needed.

Cable Diameter Compatibility :

Ensure that the chosen fibre-blowing machine is compatible with the diameter of the fibre-optic cables you plan to install. Machines with adjustable settings or interchangeable adapters offer versatility and accommodate a wide range of cable sizes.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance :

Consider the fibre-blowing machine's ease of operation and maintenance. Look for features such as intuitive controls, ergonomic design, and easy access to components for routine maintenance tasks. A user-friendly machine will enhance efficiency and minimise downtime during installations.

  AccelAir 3 Airstream Hurricane Jetstream Tornado
Fibre Diameter 1.9-5mm 2.5-11mm 2.5-16mm 4-20mm 6-32mm
Duct Size (OD) 3-12mm 5-18mm 5-25mm 12-50mm 12-63mm
Cable Speed (Adjustable) 0-100m/min 0-80m/min 0-85m/min 0-85m/min 0-90m/min
Maximum Air Pressure 15 bar 0.24m³ min 15 bar 1m³ min 15 bar 2m³ min 15 bar 4-12m³ min 12 bar 4-12³ min
Drive Drive Wheels Drive Belts Drive Belts Drive Belts Drive Chains
Cable Safety Buckle Protection* Electronic Torque Control Electronic Torque Control Hydraulic Pressure Sensing Hydraulic Pressure Sensing
Power 24v DC*** 110/220v AC 110/220v AC Hydraulic** Hydraulic**
Length 120mm 460mm 556mm 620mm 1070mm
Width 184mm 300mm 310mm 484mm 690mm
Height 166mm 270mm 352mm 233mm 1230mm
Weight 3kg 23kg 24kg 31kg 103kg
  • *- Buckle protection only up to 1.6mm
  • ** - Petrol hydraulic power pack supplied
  • *** - Battery Kit optional/Mains PSU supplied