TED® 1.25mm & 2.5mm ferrule cleaning swabs

The 1.25mm (LC,MU) and 2.5mm (SC, ST, FC) ferrule cleanning swabs are one of the key tool for optical fibre faces decontamination of the various connection points (patch panels, OAP, OTO).

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Connector contamination leads to more or less significant signal losses, which is the 1st fault source on FTTX networks. It may result in a massive loss of money due to the engineer’s re-intervention and the risk of financial penalties for the contractor. The cleaning swabs allow dry and then wet cleaning (after being soaked in isopropyl alcohol) of the ferrules. The combination of these two methods is the most effective to ensure effective decontamination.



  • Wet and dry 2-in-1 cleaning solution to decontaminate optical faces
  • Swabs could also be used to realise the maintenance of your fusion splicer


Technical Specification:

  • Rigid swab in Polypropylene
  • Lint-proof terry foam tip
  • 2 models to clean most of optical faces 1.25mm (LC/MU) and 2.5mm (SC/ST/FC)

Technical characteristics

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