Pole Carrying Truck

Pole Carrying Truck for transporting wooden poles over rough terrain. 
Product code: E2102
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Pole Carrying Truck

Product Overview

The Pole Carrying Truck is specifically designed for transporting wooden poles efficiently over short distances. Whether used in forestry operations, utility work, or construction sites, this sturdy truck simplifies the task of moving poles with ease.

Key Features


    Versatile Transportation:

    Ideal for moving wooden poles over short distances, providing convenience and efficiency in various work environments.



    Tow Bar Compatibility:

    Available with an optional tow bar, suitable for towing with a quad bike or vehicle, enhancing mobility and flexibility.



    Durable Construction:

    Built to withstand heavy loads, featuring 400mm pneumatic wheels that ensure smooth movement even on rough terrain.



    Secure Pole Handling:

    Includes two 50mm adjustable webbing straps for securing poles during transportation, ensuring safety and stability.



    Easy Maneuverability:

    Designed for ease of use, allowing operators to navigate through tight spaces and rough terrain with minimal effort.



The Pole Carrying Truck is essential for industries such as forestry, utilities, and construction where the efficient transport of wooden poles is critical. It's an indispensable tool for streamlining operations and reducing manual handling efforts.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • E2102
  • Product code
  • E2102


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