Cable Abrasion Spiral PVC Protector

Protection of figure-8 and ADSS cables
Product code: E2410-6 - E2410-40
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  • Reduces abrasion of aerial cables when in contact
    • with branches of trees (tree-guards)
    • with poles
    • with pole hardware fittings
    • with anchor clamp bail wire
  • Can be used as strengthening member and protection for ADSS cables when installed in J Hook Suspension clamp.
  • Increases the lifespan of coaxial cables on poles in windy zones.
  • Can be used in maintenance as well as for network building.

UV resistant black PVC sections – 16 mm wide and 2 mm thick in a variety of diameters. – spiral formed in the factory.
Compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS - lead free) as adopted by the European Union.

Installation instructions

  • Choose a spiral abrasion protector with an inside diameter directly smaller to the cable diameter (for a figure-8 cable, consider the total height).
  • Cut the required length using adapted cutting pliers.
  • Place the centre of the spiral cut length on the section of cable to be protected or reinforced.
  • Wrap one side of the spiral protector around the cable starting from the centre.
  • Repeat this last action with the other arm of the spiral protector.
Code Description Int dia Band thickness Band Width Package
E2410-6 Spiral cable Protector 6mm 6 mm 1 mm 8 mm 20 pcs
E2410-16 Spiral cable Protector 16mm 16 mm 2 mm 16 mm 10 pcs
E2410-25 Spiral cable Protector 25mm 25 mm 2 mm 16 mm 10 pcs
E2410-33 Spiral cable Protector 33mm 33 mm 2 mm 16 mm 10 pcs
E2410-40 Spiral cable Protector 40mm 40 mm 2 mm 16 mm 10 pcs


Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • E2410-6 - E2410-40
  • Product code
  • E2410-6 - E2410-40