TED® Rod Continuous 9mm without Cage

Calibrated and secured ring crown for refilling the TED Continuous Rod.
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TED® Rod Continuous 9mm (Without Cage)

Ensure efficiency and safety in duct inspection with the TED® Rod Continuous 9mm. Designed for straightforward installation, the rod is securely mounted directly onto the reel integrated into the Mainroad TED frame using collars. This innovative refill system eliminates the risks associated with manual unrolling and rewinding, ensuring a secure handling process. Ideal for single technician operations, it streamlines installation and enhances productivity on site.

Key Specifications:

  • Length Options:

    Available in 150m or 200m lengths
  • Diameter:

  • Net Weight:

    15,000 kg


  • Secure Reel Installation:

    Rod is safely installed directly onto the reel on the Mainroad TED frame with collars, minimizing handling risks.
  • Single Technician Operation:

    Simplified refill system allows for installation by a single technician, improving operational efficiency.
  • Economic and Durable:

    Quick and secure rod replacement process ensures cost-effectiveness and longevity.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model