TDR 2002 Cable Fault Locator

TDR 2002 Cable Fault Locator
Product code: Q3006
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The TX2002 is a professional Time Domain Reflectometer and Toner designed to detect and locate faults on copper communication cables up to a distance of 3500m (11,500ft). Advanced signal processing techniques enable the TX2002 to find open, short circuits, splices, taps, water ingress and other more exclusive impedance mismatches. A built in oscillator also provides a tone for pair tracing and identification. TX2002 can be used to test all communication cables including twisted pair and coaxial, with graphical results and fault distance displayed on a backlit 64 x 128 pixel LCD. Features:Lowest cost full specification professional graphical TDR Rugged palm-top design 50, 75 & 100 Ohm selectable cable impedance 5 measurement ranges up to 3500 metres Built in tone generator for pair tracing and identification Suitable for testing all communication cables Water and dust proof to IP54 Complete with tool-belt holster and test leads Requires 4 x AA batteries Dimensions: 165 x 90 x 37mm Weight: 350g

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  • TDR/2002
  • Product code
  • Q3006


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