Staples Galvanised

Used to terminate cable suspension strands on Aerial Cables.
Product code: 6952 - 6953
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Galvanised Staples


Our Galvanised Staples are essential for terminating cable suspension strands on aerial cables with reliability and durability. Designed for secure fastening and long-lasting performance, these staples ensure robust attachment and stability in various outdoor environments.


Key Features:



    Galvanised Finish:

    Provides corrosion resistance for enhanced durability in outdoor conditions.



    Secure Termination:

    Ideal for terminating cable suspension strands on aerial cables.



    Versatile Use:

    Suitable for a wide range of aerial cable applications and installations.





  • Termination of cable suspension strands on aerial cables

  • Outdoor cable installations and maintenance

  • Utility and telecommunications projects

Ensure dependable cable suspension termination with our Galvanised Staples, offering strength and reliability for aerial cable installations.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 6952 - 6953
  • Product code
  • 6952 - 6953