Sliding Patch Panel 19" 1U 12FO LC/UPC OM4

Telenco® sliding patch panels for datacom have been designed for applications on optical networks. They offer intuitive design and ergonomics enhancing their installation.
Product code: 50079
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6 adaptors LCU Duplex, 124 Pigtails LCU; splice tray


Features & Benefits:


•    High-end optical quality
•    Corrosion-resistant treated steel
•    Easy to install
•    All equipped
•    100 % configurable
•    Made in Europe, in our production unit


Technical Specification:


Dimensions (H x L x W): 44 x 482 x 201mm

Colour: Light grey 

Equipped with optical adapters and accessories (cage nuts, cable ties) 

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 50079
  • Product code
  • 50079


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