Self-inflating duct sealing system 45mm - 50mm

The all-in-one cell plug makes it easy and quick to plug PVC, HDPE, concrete and metal pipes.
Product code: 6484
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The installation is to be carried out at the entrance of the pipes. Stoppers prevent the accumulation of moisture, gas and any residue in the pipes.
These shutters, therefore, make it possible to seal free or occupied pipes. They are equipped with mini-cartridges of CO2 gas which is automatically released by simply pulling a tab.

Duct obstruction with the presence of cable(s):

  • It is recommended to use crosspieces for sealing pipes fitted with cables
  • These Isobutyl mastic spacers offer better fixing and separation of cables

Lifetime :

  • Automatic cell shutters have a lifespan of 20 years at a temperature between -30 and 60°C

Storage :

  • It is recommended to store the obturators in a dry place away from any chemical products

Materials :

  • Pockets made from aluminium, polyethene and polyester sheets.
  • Inner part made of mastic (isobutyl mastic)
  • The gas used to inflate the bag is CO2

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 6484
  • Product code
  • 6484


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