Safety Harness

Featuring water-repellent padding and a range of safety features
Product code: S4084
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Our Safety Harness is a multi purpose solution designed for a wide range of applications, offering unparalleled comfort and support for workers at height. Featuring a twin layer moulded water-repellent back pad support, this harness incorporates internal cushioning and ribbing for extra comfort and sturdy spinal support.


Product Features:

  • Front and Rear Ds: Equipped with front and rear Ds for fall arrest and rescue, ensuring safety in any situation.

  • Work Positioning Side 'D's: Allow for hands free working, enhancing productivity and safety.

  • New Design Front Chest 'D': Mounted on O rings to eliminate webbing stress areas and evenly distribute forces in the event of a fall.

  • Curved Stainless Steel Leg Adjusters: Provide fast and effective non slip adjustment for a secure fit.

  • Specially Angled Sit Strap: Provides added comfort during a fall or rescue.

  • Water-Repellent Webbing: Highly resistant to water, oil, dirt, and grease stains, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Tightly Woven Construction: Adds abrasion resistance for extended wear in demanding environments.

  • Colour Coordinated Straps: Ensure fast and correct fitting of leg straps for added convenience.

  • Back Pad Reflecting Strip: Enhances visibility in low light conditions for increased safety.

  • Extra Crossbar on Side 'D's: Ensures 'D' remains stationary and outwardly cranked for simple and effective one-handed hook attachment.



  • Weight: 2.05kg
  • Available Sizes:
    • 'A' Small: Waist < 31", Chest < 35"
    • 'B' Medium: Waist 29 - 38", Chest 33 - 42"
    • 'C' Large: Waist 36 - 45", Chest 40 - 49"
    • 'D' Extra Large: Waist > 45", Chest > 49"

Experience unmatched comfort, durability, and safety with our Safety Harness, available in four sizes to ensure the perfect fit for every worker.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • S4084
  • Product code
  • S4084