Corning PLC Splitter 1x8 bare G657A2 40x4x4mm 4m/3m

This highly stable component performs superbly across temperature and wavelength providing low insertion loss, low input polarization sensitivity, excellent uniformity, and low return loss in 8-port configurations. 
Product code: E5212
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Today’s high-port count applications for broadband system applications demand the best performance and the highest reliability under the most adverse of conditions. Corning’s Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitters deliver on all these requirements.


Splitters are delivered with Corning’s low bend loss LBL® optical fibre compliant with ITU G.657.A2 standard. Qualifications are performed according to Telcordia’s GR1209 and 1221 specifications for uncontrolled environmental conditions.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • E5212
  • Product code
  • E5212


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