PBO Eline® Outdoor Optical Distribution Point splicing version

Compact and discrete design minimises the visual impact on the pole or facade while featuring a robust mechanical resistance and an easy installation.
Product code: 91896-93235
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This splicing version of the PBO Eline® Outdoor Optical Distribution Point 6FO with adaptors and pigtails SC/APC is used to reliably connect 6 or 12 subscribers. Available in 2 sizes. The size 2 of the Eline® Outdoor ODP enables in addition the installation of an optical network branch. This version has been enginereed to accomodate two secondary distribution cables. Its compact and discreet design minimises the visual effect and enhances the global value of your installation, on pole or facade.  


This version for splicing applications presents an independant and ergonomic fibre storage device. Depending on the size of the closure and the need to create a network branch, the Eline® Outdoor ODP is equipped with 2 or 5 splice trays. 


The Eline® Outdoor ODP presents a detachable clamping system of the distribution cable which enables the cable preparation outside the closure. Thanks to a patented device inspired from the conical wedge system used in the design of the Telenco® anchoring clamps, the clamping of drop cables is fully controlled.Thus, it presents no damage risk to the cable sheath, nor to the optical performances of the cable in case of excessive tightening.  

This optical distribution point is a full secure solution: the access to drop cables and fiber strands is possible thanks to a protected locking system. Once opened, the closure's cover is maintained in the open position in order to avoid to forgetting to close the case. 


Dimensions (LxWxH) size 1: 215 x 255 x 55mm - size 2: 233 x 265 x 71mm
Materials: thermoplastic and stainless steel
Ingress protection: IP55
Impact resistance: IK09
Customer connections: 6 SC/APC adaptors - bypass of 2 secondary distribution cables (for size 2 only) 


Capacity : 

Distribution cable (termination or branch) up to Ø 15mm
6 adaptors for preterminated drop cables SC/APC from Ø 3.8 to 6.2mm
2 splice trays of 6FO with a storage capacity of 1m
3 splice trays of 12FO with a storage capacity of 1m (for size 2)
Storage capacity of up to 12 modules in transit of Ø 1.3mm and with a length of 1.2m


Customer benefits: 

  • Compact and discreet design 
  • Pole and facade mount 
  • Clearly separated cable installation and operating areas 
  • Ergonomic operating area enhancing the interoperability
  • Fully secure locking system

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 91896-93235
  • Product code
  • 91896-93235