Network Cube X - Bandwith Expansion

The Network Cube X (NCX) range redefines the passive optical multiplexer by introducing an innovative approach to the upgrade port.
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Boost your bandwidth capacity and increase transmission reach without adding more fibre.


Based on expertise gained from collaborating with customers in countless projects for more than twenty years, the versatile range enables Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) setups that could previously only be solved by using custom designs.


Modular design - With three standard module sizes, you can choose the most suitable dimensions to minimise the footprint of your setup while meeting your current needs and plans for expansion.

Flexible plug-and-play - The range is equipped with a convenient push-and-pull mechanism that makes installation, moving and removal simple and fast.

Innovative upgrade ports - Three types of application-specific upgrade ports enable you to maximise data transport capacity in line with your system design. And expand it over time.


NCX - A range that redefines passive multiplexing 

W 482.6mm, D 161mm, H 39mm


Modules -

S module
W 71.8mm, D 161mm, H 39.25mm
M module
W 144.3mm, D 161mm, H 39.25mm
L module
W 216.8mm, D 161mm, H 39.25mm


19" NCX shell - The simple auto-latching mechanism locks the S, M and L modules in as soon as they have been pushed far enough into the shell. To remove the modules the lever at the top of the individual modules simply has to be pushed down.


Mix and match -  The L, M and S modules can be mixed and matched in various combinations, within the 19” NCX shell.


Technical characteristics

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