LOV300e: Plastic Coiling Bracket for FO cables

This device can accommodate cables up to Ø 13mm for locking coils. It consists of two supports, side coiling flanges and two flanges for optical boxes.

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Compact and discreet, the LOV300e is positioned at the back of a splice closure, thus minimising excess cables' visual impact. Its reduced dimensions allow it to be installed on a post, facade, or draft chamber.

Numerous fixing points for cable ties have been fitted out to facilitate the storage and maintenance of the cables in a single coil or in the form of separate coils.


Adapts to fit many splice protection closures including Corning BPEO T0, T1, T1.5 and is Equipped with multiple cable passthrough openings for optimal storage and cable fastening.

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  • 93284
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  • 93284


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