Telenco GSDE 0450 : Galvanised Steel Helical Dead-end Short Span

Telenco networks designed a comprehensive range of helical dead-end solutions made of galvanized steel, without armour rod, for securing ADSS cables on spans up to 90m.


Product code: 09749
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Telenco GSDE hot-dip galvanised steel helical dead-ends have been engineered for fixing ADSS round cables from 4.5 to 19mm on telecommunications distribution networks with span configurations up to 90m and a maximum load of 3.5kN.


Customer benefits: 

  • Simple and fast installation requiring no tools 
  • Efficient cable grip on a large surface 
  • Suits all field configurations 
  • Installation with zero bend radius constraint 
  • Possible to mount on pole line hardware with open or closed eye and min. Ø 15mm 

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 09749
  • Product code
  • 09749


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