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100% Kevlar® gloves provide increased protection against cuts, slashes and abrasion whilst allowing free movement, maintaining a high degree of dexterity to the wearer.
Product code: S4065
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Introducing our Fingerless Kevlar® Gloves, designed for superior protection and exceptional dexterity. Made from 100% Kevlar®, these gloves offer increased resistance against cuts, slashes, and abrasion, ensuring your hands stay safe in demanding environments.


The fingerless design allows for free movement and precise control, making these gloves ideal for tasks that require a high degree of dexterity without compromising on protection. Whether you're working in construction, handling sharp tools, or engaging in detailed craftsmanship, our Fingerless Kevlar® Gloves provide the perfect balance of safety and flexibility.


Key Features:

  • Material: 100% Kevlar® for maximum protection
  • Design: Fingerless style for enhanced dexterity
  • Protection: Increased resistance against cuts, slashes, and abrasion
  • Flexibility: Allows free movement for precision tasks
  • Comfort: Lightweight and breathable for extended wear


Stay protected and agile with our Fingerless Kevlar® Gloves, the ideal choice for professionals who need both safety and freedom of movement.

Technical characteristics

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  • Product code
  • S4065
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