EM Gel Wrap Single Closure

Ensuring that microduct joints are adequately protected in a blown fibre system is an important factor that needs to be considered by all network owners and installers. 
Product code: E3659
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Features & Benefits:

  • Operational between -25 - +60°C
  • Fits over products which are not entirely round
  • Stretchable rubber outer jacket
  • Dielectric • Low profile closure
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Re-openable & re-useable
  • 1 Layer version available in 40cm lengths (it can be cut in 10cm increments)
  • Ideal for many types of ducted Microduct bundles available from Emtelle
  • UV stabilized outer body




The single-layer EM-Wrap closure that wraps around the tube bundles gives mechanical protection when buried in the ground, installed in access chambers, or used in overhead networks.  


The EM-Wrap closure has been designed to fit over Emtelle’s Fibreflow tube bundles when a joint or branch is required. It is ideal for FTTH applications, whether the microducts are overhead, ducted or buried. The installation is easy by simply wrapping the rubber sheath around the tube bundles and inserting the tabs through their corresponding openings to form a sealed wrap. Cable ties are then applied to secure the closure in place. This closure is ideal for offering additional protection, especially for PIA / DPA installations.



Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • E3659
  • Product code
  • E3659


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