Pigtail Droptic LM2BK_1FO OptiTap (COIL 20m - 200m)

The Droptic® LM2BK is a drop cable enabling FTTH roll-outs on a facade or in a duct over short distances (up to 50 meters). Built with an LSZH-FR sheath and with 2 FRP, this drop cable is compatible with a wide range of temperatures. 

Product code: 93721-93726
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Compatible with 5/35 FTTH R (09725).


Fully compliant with the European Construction Products Regulation, the LM2BK can also be installed indoors. This cable presents a single module for capacities of 1FO, 2FO or 4FO. 



  • One single drop for different FTTH roll-out applications:  on a facade or in a duct, over short distances 
  • UV resistant 
  • Compatible with all types of cable laying methods

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 93721-93726
  • Product code
  • 93721-93726