CBS Accelair 3 Blowing Fibre Machine UK Kit

Fibre Blowing Machine (AccelAir 3 Kit) has been developed to provide a simple-to-use and reliable fibre-blowing solution. 

Product code: W2253-UK
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The AccelAir 3 kit is designed to fit a fibre range of up to 5mm in diameter, thereby providing the complete range of blown fibre.


The AccelAir 3 is a compact integrated fibre-blowing machine benefiting from full automation and fibre management; sophisticated fibre protection is implemented to ensure the fibre's mechanical and optical integrity is maintained. The device requires only a 28V D.C. electrical supply and compressed air to operate.


Please see the datasheet, for what makes up the AccelAir 3 kit.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • W2253-UK
  • Product code
  • W2253-UK