Ultra Light Weight Cable 12F to 96F Anti Rodent

This PIA-approved ultra lightweight cable is available in 12F, 24F, 36F, 48F and 96F.
Product code: F1153-012 - F1153-09
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The Ultra-lightweight cable is designed for aerial deployment across access fibre networks. BT approved; this cable conforms to the standard 7mm diameter as well as having a breaking tensile force of less than 2000n for maximum security. The cable combines low-loss, bend-insensitive G.657.A1 fibres with longitudinal water-swellable elements to eliminate water ingress.


As a secondary application the cables can also be installed underground in ducts. The cables are designed to fulfil all requirements to be installed in the British Telecom overhead and underground environments.


Product Features:

  • Super lightweight 
  • Robust design
  • Dry design with longitudinal water tightness
  • Loose tube jelly-filled


Technical Specification:

  • 7mm diameter
  • Sold per meter
  • OQM of 2000 or 4000 (depending on fibre count)
  • Bend-insensitive G.657.A1



Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • F1153-012-1000 - F1153-096-1000
  • Product code
  • F1153-012 - F1153-09