Ridgegear Ridge Rescue Kit

The RIDGE Rescue is the perfect solution to rescue a worker in the event of a fall. It enables you to raise or lower the casualty and no cutting is required.
Product code: 1002816 -1002818
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The Ridgegear Ridge Rescue Kit is meticulously crafted to meet the distinctive challenges and demands of rescue operations, ensuring that rescuers are equipped with the essential resources to perform their duties efficiently while prioritizing the safety of both rescuers and victims.


Key Features:

  • Maximum Descent Rate: With a maximum descent rate of 0.8m/s, this kit enables controlled and safe descents during rescue operations.

  • Maximum Descent Load: Capable of accommodating a maximum descent load of 200kg, ensuring stability and reliability during rescue maneuvers.

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: With a maximum lifting capacity of 140kg, this kit facilitates efficient lifting of individuals to safety.


Available Kits:

  • 11kg (100m Kit): Ideal for longer descents and operations requiring extensive reach.

  • 8kg (50m Kit): A versatile option suitable for medium-range descents and rescue scenarios.

  • 6kg (20m Kit): Compact and lightweight, perfect for shorter descents and confined space rescues.


Equip your rescue team with the Ridgegear Ridge Rescue Kit and ensure readiness for any rescue mission. From its robust construction to its reliable performance, this kit is designed to meet the rigorous demands of rescue operations with precision and safety.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 1002816 -1002818
  • Product code
  • 1002816 -1002818