DROPTIC® LX050HDPE 1FO G.657A2 - 50/350m Pushlok Cardboard Reel

Connectorised outdoor aerial drop cable.
Product code: 1000319-1000324
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The DROPTIC® LX050HDPE drop cable is an outdoor drop cable enabling FTTH facade, duct or overhead deployments.


This all-dielectric and UV-resistant optical cable is suitable for the outside plant roll-outs for SDUs or MDUs access network configurations. Built with longitudinal sealing and 2 parallel FRP rods, DROPTIC® LX050HDPE can be used for applications within a wide temperature range. Its small dimension and light weight confer to this DROPTIC® LX050HDPE drop cable very good aerial performances. It can be exposed at least to permanent wind up to 95km/h on 70m spans.


The DROPTIC® LX050HDPE is fully compatible with the Telenco® GSDE0450 and is integrated in a comprehensive FTTH solution, including Telenco® aerial and facade hardware and ELINE® distribution and transition boxes.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 1000319-1000324
  • Product code
  • 1000319-1000324