Corning Drop Cable ROC 1F Pushlok-Bare Coil

Pushlok connectorised drop cable.
Product code: E5302-015-E5302-350
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As an industry leader in optical connectivity products, Corning designs and manufactures the ROC™ drop cable assembly with factory-terminated, environmentally sealed and hardened connectors to reduce the cost and time of drop cable deployment. The Corning hardened connector provides superior durability and reliability in the drop segment of the network. This assembly also offers significant improvements in cable management.


Features and Benefits:

  • Hardened connector technology Reduced diameter Pushlok™ connector
  • Reduced optimised cable cross-section Smaller profile and bend radius; flexibility allows for increased slack storage capacity in existing optical network terminals (ONTs), pedestals, and handholes
  • Robust design Designed for rapid connection to external flush-mounted bulkhead adapters on terminals or closures
  • Flexible connector offerings Dual-ended or pigtailed versions to accommodate any ONT interface; hybrid assemblies with hardened connector (terminal) to SC APC (ONT)
  • Versatile installation environments Aerial: dielectric, self-supporting at 40 lbs installation tension at 150 ft (NESC Heavy), 255 ft (NESC Medium) or 330 ft (NESC Light) Direct-buried: toneable for easy locating Duct: integral pulling eye/connector cap designed for 100 lb maximum pulling tension; Pushlok connector is suitable for 13 mm inner diameter duct

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • E5302-015-E5302-350
  • Product code
  • E5302-015-E5302-350