Blown Cable HD G657A1 48F to 288F SM 200um 12FO Tube

High fibre capacity with an ultra-slim diameter, enables this micro cable to be installed into microducts by network operators with ease. Available in 48FO, 96FO, 144FO, 288FO.

Product code: F1180-048-F1180-288
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Designed with 200 µm optimised bend loss G.657.A1 single-mode fibres to provide high performance while also protecting against extreme environmental stressors. The cable can also be provided in a 250 µm8 configuration.


Product Features:

  • Optical Fibre containing elements laid up around central strength member
  • HDPE sheath as external protection
  • Suitable for PIA application
  • Water-blocked core interstices 
  • Gel filed water blocked loose tubes


Technical Specification:

  • Crush resistance: 1000N
  • Torsion: ±360 °
  • Cable cut-off wavelength: ≤ 1260 nm
  • Cable length: 4.0 km ± 5 %


Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • F1180-048-0001 - F1180-288-0001
  • Product code
  • F1180-048-F1180-288