VIAVI P5000i Fibre Microscope + 4 Tips

Instantly analyse and grade fibre connections.
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VIAVI P5000i Fibre Microscope


Empower your technicians with the VIAVI P5000i Fibre Microscope, the ultimate tool for inspecting and certifying fibre end face quality with precision and ease. This intelligent microscope ensures reliable fibre performance and seamlessly integrates results into existing VIAVI test platforms.




  • Instantly certify fibre end face quality at the push of a button, transforming technicians into instant fibre experts.
  • Streamline operations with fast, objective testing that eliminates confusion and enhances workflow efficiency.
  • Drive best practices and improve work quality, ensuring lifetime connections and safeguarding network infrastructure from damage.




  • Guarantee physical layer performance by ensuring fibre connectivity meets rigorous industry standards.
  • Capture, analyse, and grade fibre end face images instantly, providing PASS/FAIL results based on pre-configured criteria.
  • Standardise fibre inspection processes across your network for consistency and reliability.


Key Features:


  • Repeatable Pass/Fail analysis eliminates subjective guesswork, ensuring accurate measurements.
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles allow certification to specific criteria.
  • Includes FiberChekPRO™ software for comprehensive analysis and reporting on PC/laptop.
  • Automatic Image Centring keeps fibre always in focus, enhancing inspection accuracy.
  • Dual-Magnification switching (low & high) in both live and analysis views for detailed examination.




  • Easily connects to VIAVI test platforms like T-BERD®, MTS-2000/4000/5800/6000A/8000v2, HST-3000, SMARTClass™ Fiber, Certifier40G, DSAM, and CellAdvisor via USB.
  • Compatible with mobile Android™ devices/tablets using FiberChekMOBILE (available on Google Play) for on-the-go inspections and certifications.


Included Items:


  • Corrugated Box 30.5 x 25.4 x 15.2 cm
  • P5000i Getting Started Guide
  • Small Shoulder Bag Carrying Case For FIT Probe-Display Packages
  • Small Tip Case With Foam
  • Tip SC Bulkhead for FBP-REVC1
  • Tip LC Bulkhead for FBP-REV0
  • Tip Universal 1.25mm Patch Cord for FBP
  • FBP Probe Pouch
  • Printed Web Address for FCPRO SW
  • FBP-P5000i USB Probe Microscope Incl FBPT-U25M


Ensure your fibre network operates at peak performance with the VIAVI P5000i Fibre Microscope, designed for reliability, precision, and ease of use in fibre optic inspection and certification.


Technical characteristics

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  • Q6310
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  • FBP-SD101


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