Telenco Universal Pole Bracket (UPB)

A versatile aluminium bracket with high mechanical properties designed for mounting various equipment or devices on telecom poles.
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The UPB universal bracket is made of aluminum alloy offering high mechanical properties. Its unique design has been engineered so to offer a universal pole hardware solution able to adapt to all cable installation configurations on wooden, concrete or metal poles:

  • Cable unroll on a pulley 
  • Stay wire 
  • Cross-arm mounting 
  • Drop connection
  • Dead-ending
  • Junction points 
  • Angled passageways 
  • Derivation point 


Our installation guidance: 

  • With pole band: the UPB universal bracket fixes on all type of poles drilled or undrilled, by using two pole bands of 20mm width SB204 or SB207 and two buckles B20 or two clevis fasteners A20. On average, two meters of pole band are required per bracket. The choice of the pole band's thickness depends on the required resistance and on the loads to which the bracket is submitted. 
  • With bolt: if the pole head is drilled (wooden, sometimes concrete) the universal pole bracket UPB can also be mounted with a cross-through bolt Ø 14 or 16mm. The bolt's length is then proportional to the pole head's diameter + 42mm (the bracket's thickness). 

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  • Product code
  • 0098