Telenco SC39B : Fixed suspension clamp figure-8 cables Ø 3-9mm

Suspension of optical or coax figure-8 cables with steel or dielectric (FRP) messenger.
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Telenco SC39B Fixed Suspension Clamp for Figure-8 Cables Ø 3-9mm

The Telenco SC39B fixed suspension clamp is designed for securely suspending figure-8 cables with diameters ranging from 3 to 9mm. Part of the SC family, these clamps are suitable for optical or coaxial cables with steel or dielectric (FRP) messenger, ideal for distribution networks with aligned or angles < 15° configurations. For spans exceeding 90° or wider angles, double anchoring is recommended.


This suspension clamp offers versatile installation options:

  • Direct mounting on a pole using a pole bracket 30/41 or 30/41c, along with a bolt 1/13 and a 20mm pole band.
  • Alternatively, it can be mounted on a cross-arm using an angle cross-arm bracket 5/39 and a bolt 1/13.


Ideal for telecommunications infrastructure, the Telenco SC39B provides robust support and secure anchoring for figure-8 cables, ensuring reliability and stability in various mounting configurations.

Technical characteristics

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  • 5708
  • Product code
  • 5708


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