TED® Fold-up Bronze Key Set for Distribution Boxes

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  • Authorizes a large number of accesses, in particular in Telecoms
  • The compact product that easily fits in your pocket


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  • 0950
  • Product Code
  • 0950
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The TED Equipment® cabinet key is an essential tool for telecom technicians in the field. Also called a riser key, it has 4 heads to allow the majority of restricted access to work sites. The wide female square head allows the opening of multi-purpose enclosures, the full square head provides access to technical ducts and old closures. The female triangular head is used for opening and closing boxes and cabinets of all types: electronic boxes, meters, and telephone booths. The rectangular head is used for opening S-300 shaft doors. The access key is also widely used on a daily basis in many sectors of activity, particularly in industry. It allows access to different technical areas such as heating, gas, water, ventilation and other systems.


TED Equipement® designs and develops products to facilitate the work of technicians. This key has been developed in a compact and easy-to-use way. Its 4 branches pivot on the same axis: just extract the head to be used and use the others to turn the tool. It takes up little space when folded up and its shape allows it to be taken out/stored quickly in the pocket. 


Material: bronze
Folding key 4 shapes: female square head, male square head, triangular head, rectangular head 

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