TED® Smoovite

The Smoovite by TED® is a real innovation for telecom engineers. It is used to thread the splice protectors onto the fibre quickly and easily. 

Product code: 34000
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The Smoovite by TED® represents a real-time saver. Engineers no longer have to worry about a lack of precision caused by the cold, a vision problem or other. The Smoovite now makes it possible to perfectly align the splice protection to the optical fibre. 


Protecting engineers' handling between the optical fibre and the splice protection being simplified, the technician no longer runs the risk of sticking a piece of fibre in his hand.


Technical Specification:

Length (mm): 7

Net weight (kg): 0.050 kg

Packing: gross weight/qty/dimensions: 0.060 x 1 x 155 x 90 x30 mm

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 34000
  • Product code
  • 34000