Rod Continuous 11mm (Cobra) incl Cage

Rod Continuous complete with cage - 11mm rod diameter
Product code: E3372 - E3406
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Length (metres) 150
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Length (metres) 250
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Elevate your cable installation tasks with the Rod Continuous 11mm, meticulously assembled on a robust tubular frame equipped with all road wheels. Crafted to ensure durability and long term daily use, this Cobra model delivers exceptional performance in demanding environments.


Equipped with two switchable guiding rings strategically positioned on the frame, engineers can access ducts from optimal angles, ensuring efficient cable laying operations. During re winding, the upper guiding ring utilizes the rod's energy, aiding in the process and mitigating potential back issues.


Technical Specification:

  • Premium Fibreglass: Constructed from premium fibreglass for superior strength and durability.
  • Diameter: 11mm diameter rod suitable for various cable installation tasks.
  • Tubular Steel Frame: Sturdy tubular steel frame with two puncture resistant solid wheels ensures stability and mobility.
  • Removable Guiding Rings: Two removable guiding rings offer multiple working positions for enhanced versatility.
  • External Rapid Brake System: Ensures engineer safety during operation.
  • Large Foot & Hand Grip Handles: Ergonomically designed for comfortable operation.
  • Secured Rod Replacement: Quick and secure rod replacement process enhances efficiency and productivity.



  • All Road Solid Wheels: Designed for all types of terrains ensure smooth movement.
  • Multiple Work Positions: Four work positions available for enhanced flexibility and adaptability.
  • One Man Job Rod Replacement: Quick and easy rod replacement process allows for efficient single person operation.


Invest in the Rod Continuous 11mm incl. frame for a reliable, economical, and durable cable installation solution, designed to meet the demands of professional engineers.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • E3372 - E3406
  • Product code
  • E3372 - E3406