OTDR INNO Mini 2 with SOLA, VFL and Light Source SC/APC

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Featuring both compactness and lightness, the MINI2 OTDR boasts precision-based test performance, fast response, and easy-to-use capacitive touchscreen. Users can experience accurate and rapid test results with automatic report generation.
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SPECIAL OFFER configuration: MINI2 - SMF1 - OS - CNT1/2/3 - LS3 - MS0 - HC0

The MINI2 OTDR is used in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables. Features of the MINI2 OTDR include high precision test capabilities, fast response times, and easy to learn operation. The multi-point capacitive touch screen allows for user-friendly operation. The MINI2 OTDR offers accurate and fast test results and creates a report automatically. The MINI2 OTDR’s compact design, delivers a lightweight, truly hand-held device.

SOLA (Smart Optical Link Analyzer)
5” Touch Screen with Smart GUI
8GB Internal Storage with Internal SD Card & External USB Memory
Built-In VFL and Light Source
Fast Booting Time
Lightweight and Handheld

Dimensions: 115 x 173 x 64mm

Weight: 0.90kg with battery

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