Telenco UK brings an unique offer on the market revolving around passive network equipment and equipment for field engineers. All the suggested solutions are either developed in-house - by the Telenco Group of which we are part -, or put forward via a network of trusted partners. Telenco UK’s ambition is to provide telecom players with all the required material for the roll-out or the maintenance of FO and copper wired networks.

Innovation in the service of broader future-proof networks

More than just another equipment supplier, Telenco UK cares to work at the side of British telecom and datacom players to further understanding their needs and provide them only with the most relevant products and services. For instance, the company offers expert support to field engineers for overhead network roll-outs. Technical documentation, demo videos and direct contact with our customers are also privileged means of information to outline the Telenco UK offer.
Thanks to this pragmatic approach, Telenco UK is able to regularly offer high-end, innovative equipment developed by our engineers or in partnership with manufacturers from other fields of activity.
Driven by its extended experience in the telecommunications infrastructures, Telenco UK cares to introduce high-end, easy to install and to use solutions, certified by BT.


Telenco UK, part of a global telecommunications leading Group

Telenco UK is part of the Telenco Group, a global player in the telecommunications network engineering sector. Established in 1999, Telenco - “Telecommunications Engineering Company” was at the beginning a company driven by a handful of employees. Ever since its creation, Telenco has been registering a fast-pace growth and has thus rapidly expanded : today the Telenco project relies on the dynamism and professionalism of about 380 people around the world. The success story of Telenco is partially due to the development of telecommunications networks in France and abroad, and to the consistency and complementarity of the two companies that form the Telenco Group :

Telenco networks

design, manufacture and marketing of systems for wired fibre optic and copper telecommunications networks.

The company supports Telcos and their subcontractors throughout the world in the deployment of next generation fibre optic networks by providing them with an innovative range of cabling systems and connectivity solutions. Telenco networks regularly broadens its range of products to best adapt to each network configuration and installation environment. All products marketed by Telenco networks are developed by its design office and manufactured in its European production units.

Telenco distribution

distribution of equipment and tools for the deployment and maintenance of telecommunications networks.

Through an omnichannel approach, the company offers a comprehensive range of network equipment, tools and associated services for the deployment and maintenance of telecom and datacom networks. Telenco distribution innovates with and for field engineers in order to provide them with all the protective and specific equipment necessary to carry out simple, fast and effective interventions.

Telenco Group - KEY FIGURE

users  380 co-workers
Plateforme logistique 25,000 m² total storage area
CA 143 M € turnover

By benefitting from all the know-how and support of these two companies, Telenco UK puts on the market an unique range of products and services, specifically tailored to meet the telecom and datacom needs.


Telenco UK, the sole contact to ensure equipment for network deployments

Telenco UK takes care of all the administrative aspects relating to customs procedures. To meet customer demand, the company relies both on its local warehouse and on deliveries from France and Portugal. Our teams fully control import procedures and logistics flow so to make orders available to their customers within the shortest possible delays. To do so, Telenco UK benefits from all the know-how of Telenco networks that has imported – exported about 20 000 tons in 2020.

Giving access to the global offer of Telenco Group, Telenco UK is your single point of contact for the follow-up of your orders. This enables to gain precious time, but also to ensure a direct, effective communication.