Dewatering Spray Ambersil 40+

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Ambersil 40+ Dewatering Spray is used to displace moisture from external block terminals.
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Ambersil 40+ is the complete maintenance treatment for protection against corrosion, water displacement, penetration on seized fasteners, lubrication and light surface rust removal. One simple application - by spray, swab or dip - stops the spread of existing corrosion, gives lasting protection against further attack and removes and repels ambient moisture. The protective, lubricating film is non-conductive and remains operational even at severe sub-zero temperatures. It will not affect paints or plastics and is lastingly effective on all metals, including aluminium. Freshly machined surfaces resist ‘fingerprinting’ and will stay clean and bright, even in highly corrosive conditions.


• Ambersil 40+ is ideal for use on all mechanical and electrical equipment.

• As a penetrant, it will quickly free seized nuts, bolts and bearings, whilst the highly effective water displacing properties make 40+ the perfect ‘damp-start’ solution for ignition systems and other electrical equipment.

Materials Compatibility

• Rubber: No visible affect when sprayed. Most rubbers will swell after prolonged immersion

• Paintwork: No affect on surface. Wax polishes and coatings may be softened after prolonged exposure

• Plastics: No visible affects after 240 hours immersion of formica, acrylic sheet, polyester glass fibre laminate, epoxy glass fibre laminate, vinyl sheet and ebonite

CAUTION Although not always necessary, removal of 40+ from surfaces to be painted is recommended

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