Banding stainless steel 20x0.7mm/50m with case dispenser

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SB207 TELENCO AISI430: Stainless steel band 20x0.7mm/50m with case


Reference: SB20750m spool per reel case dispenser delivered by the box of 5 units

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Our banding dispensers continue to improve! Environmental friendly, they are made from recycled plastics and contain zero colourants. Their natural colour allows for checking the remaining quantity within a glance, and the high-quality AISI430 type of stainless steel banding allows for attaching hardware on poles or other supports.


This product is conditioned in an ergonomic reel case dispenser made from recycled plastics. The product's benefits: - 3 available types of stainless steel: AISI 430/ AISI201 / AISI304, deburred pole band, ergonomic and recyclable dispenser.


The weight indicated below corresponds to the total weight of 5 units.

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