ACADSS16: Anchoring clamp for round FO cable Ø 15-17mm

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The ACADSS16 anchor clamp is part of the ACADSS range with a standard sleeve. This is the most versatile model.
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  • Product Code
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The ACASS16 anchor clamp accommodates cables from Ø 15 to 17mm of HDPE insulation distribution, on spans of up to 90m. It can be installed on any type of support, console or crossbeam with a fixing hole of 15mm minimum.


It has a 500mm stainless steel flexible handle that has been sized to offer enough length to manage the "drop of water" and avoid the risk of friction on the armament or support, limiting the stress on the cable. Like all our anchor clamps, the automatic tapered clamping of this clamp does not require any installation tools and is installed very simply and quickly.


Features & Benefits:

  • Simple, fast, tool-free implementation
  • Effective cable clamping by tapered jamming over a length of 230mm
  • Adaptable to all types of terrain configuration
  • Curvature-free implementation of the optical cable in the device
  • Installation possible on all types of closed or open eye fittings Ø 15mm minimum


Type of networks: Transmission, Distribution
Anchor range (m): 90
Diameter (mm) : 15 - 17
Anchoring device: Clamp
Preferential origin: NO
Net weight (kg): 0.400 kg

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