ACADSS12: Anchoring Clamp for round FO cable Ø11-14mm

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The ACADSS anchoring clamps present an open conical body, a jaw with two plastic wedges and a flexible bail. These cable clamps are used for the termination of fibre optic round ADSS cables deployed on distribution networks.

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  • Product Code
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The ACADSS range is available in two body sizes: ACADSS clamps with a compact body and short wedges for lightweight cables and ACADSS clamps with a standard body and long wedges for heavier cables or of greater capacities.

Thanks to the conical clamping system, the installation of the ACADSS clamps requires no specific tools and considerably reduces the intervention time.


Features & Benefits:

  • Simple, fast, tool-free implementation
  • Effective cable clamping by tapered jamming over a length of 230mm
  • Adaptable to all types of terrain configuration
  • Curvature-free implementation of the optical cable in the device
  • Installation possible on all types of closed or open eye fittings Ø 15mm minimum

Technical characteristics:

  • Type of device: Cable clamp
  • Span: < 90mType of cables: FO Round cables
  • Type of network: Feeder/ Distribution
  • Type of network: Fibre optic
  • Type of product: Anchoring clamp
  • Brand: TELENCO®
  • Model: ACADSS12Quantity: 30
  • Designed with a standard body. Cable clamping on 230mm long.
  • The weight indicated here below corresponds to the total weight of 30 clamps. 

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