Telenco Drop Mandrel Clamp

Drop clamp for Ø 4-6mm round drops. Sold in multiples of 100.
Product code: 7593
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The drop mandrel clamp is used for the dead-ending of round and flexible drop cables on poles and facades. This one-piece plastic construction is designed with a mandrel body shape in which cable can be coiled and self-tightened and an opening bail that enables installation on pole line hardware with a minimum Ø of 10mm. 


Customer benefits: 

  • Cost-effective, single-piece with a compact design 
  • Simple and fast installation, requiring no tools 
  • Unique securing solution for outdoor drop cables with insulated and flexible sheath
  • Mounting on all pole line hardware with closed eye and min. Ø 10mm

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 7593
  • Product code
  • 7593


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